• Application time is 2 hours (your eyes will be closed the entire time)
  • Contact lenses need to be removed
  • Please do not drink caffeine the day of the application -- this may cause your eyes to flutter & make it difficult to perform the application
  • Clean lashes -- No eye makeup, mascara or eye cream. No use of oil makeup remover.
  • Potential contraindications: Very sensitive eyes with severe allergies/eyes that tear easily (please let me know if you have concerns)
  • After the application, you will not be able to get your lashes wet for 24 hours -- No showers, sweating, steam or moisture of any kind -- the lash adhesive will need time to cure.
  • Aftercare instructions will be provided after the application

Proper aftercare will make your lashes last longer:

  • Eyelash extensions can last up to 4-5 weeks --Please contact me for any additional lash fills (every 2-4 weeks)
  • No moisture for 24 hours (including showers, sweat, steam and tears) -- when showering, keep shampoo & conditioner away from lashes, this may loosen the bond of extensions
  • When washing your face, cleanse forehead first, rinse, pat dry, then cleanse rest of face
  • Extensions are heat resistant, not heatproof -- intense direct heat (blow dryer) may cause lashes to lose their curvature
  • Avoid use of products with oil (including heavy eye cream.) Use oil free makeup remover. If you have very oily skin, rice paper is helpful
  • Do not wear mascara. If you absolutely must, use non-waterproof types
  • Use only liquid eyeliners or dry powder liners with water. Pencil & gel 'pot' liners contain wax/oils & may weaken adhesive
  • Don't sleep on the extensions -- you may experience more loss on either side you sleep on
  • Do not pick, pull, or over touch your lashes

I hope you love your new lashes!