It's official...Susan is now a Reiki Master/Teacher after completing a deep dive nine month program in the magical town of Fairfax. Mia Runanin, Susan's teacher has been practicing Reiki for thirty years and is so passionate about this Japanese healing technique. 

Susan's personal Reiki practice has been lifechanging. It has helped her heal her concussion from two years ago including other life traumas. Starting out with Reiki 1 and 2 two years ago, it really got Susan in an amazing daily practice. It is so cool how you can Reiki your own past, future, your loved ones, your pets and even situations. It truly gives you more say in how your life unfolds.

*NEWS* In Fall 2019, Susan will start teaching Reiki 1 and 2 - it will be a six week course taught after work on Thursday nights for two and a half hours. The world really needs more healers - join the list to learn how to bring healing to your life or the life of others.

About Reiki Healing:

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique. Once the practitioner has been initiated into it the healing life force, energy is channeled through the healer. Reiki energy creates space in the body using the highest form of love.

This healing service has been on Susan's menu now as an add-on or alone, since early 2018. She has felt as though she had a healing energy for years now but a constant and amazing reiki practice finally has given her more structure to perform optimal healing. It has been wonderful to add another layer to what Susan does. Susan can now help her clients with grief, stress reduction, pain in the body and general illness. The results have been incredible with rave reviews from all.

Clients now book regularly for a ten minute Reiki healing session with the facial or just a stand alone thirty minute or one hour session. Really helps with high stress, grief and pain.

"Healing the world one face at a time." - Susan Dressler

  • 30 minute Reiki session - $60

  • 1 hour Reiki session - $120