I love going to Nofu and now I love it even more, since Susan has introduced Reiki. Susan is a master practioner and when she touches you ever so softly, you can feel the gentle energy that flows through your body and it is so relaxing and healing. When I feel the need to relax and ground myself, I book my appointment. The feeling of being refreshed after the session is over is amazing. It's so simple but so effective. I am so happy that Susan has become a Reiki Master and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants renewed energy flowing from the universe. I wanted to also comment on how terrific everyone is at Nofu. When I want to be pampered and receive a wonderful facial, I come here. Susan is one amazing person and she has the ability to connect with everyone she takes care of. You feel special and come out looking so beautiful and refreshed. I love it here. Thanks Susan, Katie and Sofia

Susan is more than an esthetician; she’s a miracle-worker! Before I found NoFu, I suffered from severe adult acne and the resulting acne scars. Since I have been coming to her, my skin has not only cleared up, but is also brighter, tighter, and smoother than it has ever been!

There has not been one occasion in the past 4 years of being her client when my skin did not look far better off than it did when I came in. Although there have been lulls in my visits, I always come back because she provides consistently amazing results!

Susan has also provided me with so much knowledge about skincare and how to maintain my clear complexion even after her treatments. She is so important to my daily habits and skincare routine that she has really become a household name. I find myself uttering, “Susan said…” on a regular basis, and am always glad when I listen to the inner voice that she has instilled in me. My complexion has come a long way since I met Susan and I will only trust my skin to her, even if it means driving all the way from the South bay for my facials!
-Christina P.

I’ve had problems with my skin since high school. I tried every product and skin regime available out there. I also experimented with antibiotics to help my skin to no avail. It was a very frustrating journey until I met Susan. I can distinctly remember the first time we met. She put me at ease right away because she was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. I told her about my story and my frustrations and she assured me that “This is going to be your last stop.” She said those words with such confidence that it made me very hopeful. Susan suggested the boot camp program for me, which includes 3 facial treatments and your products. She also gave me advice on what types of food to avoid. It’s been a year since I started my treatments with Susan and I’ve never been happier with my face. I remember crying a month after I saw her because I saw such improvement with my face. Words cannot express what Susan has done for me. She was right. She is my last stop.
– R. Ronquillo

I’ve been going to Susan for my skin care needs for over fifteen years. When I came to her for the first time, I was suffering from cystic acne and didn’t think anything could be done to prevent future breakouts and relieve scarring. Susan was working for another esthetician at the time, but she taught me the connection between the food one eats and the body’s reaction to it. She also taught—very consistently, I should add—about the importance of drinking more water, applying sunscreen every day, and stopping the habit of picking.

When Susan decided to start a business of her own, it made perfect sense that I would follow her, since she not only had given me renewed hope in maintaining my skin from future breakouts, but had also become a confidant, advice-giver, and friend. And of course she would name that business NoFu (short for No Fuss), because she has never been, and hopefully never will be, into the gimmicks being used by so many other skin care businesses. Susan is the rarest type of esthetician: she’s results-driven, but at the same time extremely sensitive towards using and promoting only products that meet or exceed her own very high set of personal values.

There are days when I wonder how different my world would be had I not met Susan along the way. Then I look in the mirror and see myself looking back at me, and smile—largely out of thanks, for having Susan in my life and for other people suffering from acne who now have someone honest and trustworthy they can rely on.
– Ronald

Susan Dressler saved our lives. It had been two years of dermatologists, toxic products, burning rashes, hope and heartbreak as we tried one after another method to clear up my daughter’s acne. None of them worked. We were out of hope when a friend suggested Susan at Nofu. I truly believe the healing began the moment Susan greeted us. Within two treatments there were no new breakouts and within a few months my daughter’s skin was clear and glowing. Susan is a goddess as far as we are concerned. She not only rid my teens acne, she gave her the confidence to feel beautiful.
– Mya K.

 A few months ago I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that my 40s were beginning to show. Those little smile lines were becoming *ACK* wrinkles! I was wondering if I needed botox or a chemical peel but both sounded painful and horrible to me. Susan had been suggesting LED Light Treatment for a while and I was finally ready to give it a try. After my very first session, I noticed an improvement in the smile lines around my eyes and lips. I’ve had 4 treatments and I can tell that the results are lasting. Even after spending the summer in the sun and not being super religious about wearing sunscreen and hats, my skin is still looking great. If you are thinking that you need a boost in your skincare regimen I would highly recommend LED. Susan does it right at the end of my regular facial so it doesn’t require any extra time or appointments. It is painless, easy, and well worth the investment.
– Jen H.

NoFu Skin Studio has changed my life! As I have entered my forties, my skin has been changing and it’s been challenging – and stressful – to keep up with the proper care and maintenance. Being referred to Susan was an answered prayer. Every visit has always been customized especially for me, my very own private time. The first visit was particularly special in that she did something that has never been asked of me before (and I have had countless facials over the years!); Susan actually took the the time and care to review the ingredients of each of my current hair-care and skin-care products to see if they were the culprits of my challenged skin. Once that assessment was complete, she recommended other items for use and the positive changes began to occur almost immediately. I was sent home with a goodie bag, a clear list of action-steps, and even a cute little suction hook for my bathroom mirror to hang my list on. What I loved, also, was that Susan is not a “product pusher” – she recommends products for you that matter and are affordable, either complementing or replacing your current products. One product didn’t work out, and she took it back and gave me a refund – excellent customer care. Plus, Susan took time to find and recommend an even better facial cleanser for my skin that she didn’t have previously. I LOVE that cleanser – it was game-changer!

I have been seeing Susan for several months and the quality of my skin has improved. I have fewer breakouts, reduced scarring, more radiance, and better skin overall. With every visit, she provides comments that let me know that she is truly paying attention to MY skin, not making generic comments, and she is actually tracking my skin and its needs. I have never seen her write anything down, so I don’t know how she keeps track of each client’s skin except that she loves her work and she is EXCELLENT at what she does. Her passion for my skin is priceless!
– Tovi Scruggs

 I am SO GRATEFUL to Susan at NoFu for helping me maintain healthier, more radiant skin. I have found that my acne prone skin really benefits from seeing Susan regularly, and the Bootcamp package totally keeps me on track. Plus I get a FREE FACIAL, oh my god! That’s an amazing perk, truly a no-brainer. Getting one of Susan’s facials relaxes me so much it’s one of my favorite spa treats, and then my skin looks and feels smooth and soft. I usually split my payment into two and it’s so reasonable that way, and then I run home and book up half a year’s worth of facials. I couldn’t be happier with the treatments, it makes perfect sense to get a package deal. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to start or maintain a skin-care regimen with a kind, talented esthetician!
– Emily M, Oakland

 I have been going to Susan at Nofu for years and I do not know what I’d do without her. When I first went to see her, my skin was in shambles and I was engaged with a wedding around the corner. She literally turned my skin around in one facial . Needless to say, I ended up making her facials a part of my monthly regime by taking advantage of her discounted bridal boot-camp package. Susan gave me the gift of amazing skin at my wedding!

Susan is not only reasonably priced, she is a skincare GODDESS. She is SO good at what she does. She is VERY thorough – from the extractions, to the oxygen mist, to the shoulder massage, to the soothing, calming mask at the end….your skin will feel like a baby’s bum when you walk outta there. All of the products she uses are hand-picked by her and are the best products I’ve ever used on my face and best of all, they are reasonably priced.

I highly recommend Susan at Nofu to anyone who is looking for a true, no-nonsense, calm, smart and highly trained esthetician. I will no doubt be a loyal client forever!
– Shelly Sutton

“My skin is incredibly dry and sensitive. It is prone to hives, blotchiness, flaking, and (ughhh!) even cracking in the dry winter months.  When I moved to Alameda four years ago, I tried aesthetician, after aesthetician, after aesthetician…until I found Susan at Nofu.  Within the first few months, I started experiencing something that I had never experienced, before: People started complimenting me on my skin!  These compliments are now a regular occurrence.  The results Susan manages to achieve with my “crispy skin” are unparalleled.  I have been seeing Susan regularly for over two years, now, and my loyalty to her and her skincare methods have even withstood my move away from the Bay area (first to SoCal, and now to Stockton).  For me, Susan’s expertise and dedication to my skin’s health and appearance are worth any drive imaginable.”

 Susan Dressler of Nofu has done facials on my two teenage sons for years. Susan got my first son through a rough several years of acne and he now has beautiful, blemish free skin. First and foremost, Susan teaches teenagers how to work with her to manage their acne condition. She teaches them good cleaning techniques and provides them with the proper cleaners and creams that are gentle on the skin but effective in the treatment of acne. Susan gives the teens tips on what foods to avoid to lessen the outbreaks of acne. My son listened to her and faithfully followed her advice. He got through several years of teenage acne without ever having to resort to prescription medications and face creams. The facials, and in particular the extractions, are a key part of the process of managing teenage acne. My younger son is now dealing with acne and Susan has taken him under her wing – providing the same advice and encouragement. With regular visits to Susan during the peak periods of teenage acne (for us this is from about age 14-16), both boys are doing very well. Susan has a great rapport with teenagers and they really listen to her advice. Her sense of humor and general joie de vivre make our trips to Nofu a real pleasure!
– Nancy Coan Torres

 The skin on my back the last year started breaking out due to big hormonal swings. I was devastated, embarrassed and barely wore anything that showed my upper back. Thanks to Nofu’s Back Fu, my crazy hormonal back skin cleared up in just two treatments!!! Susan’s amazing combination of the Back Fu and treatment products are power packed and setup to clear up your skin. I was shocked at how quickly my skin cleared up, I will definitely add this to my skin care regimen. Thanks again Susan, I’m now summer ready and showing off my beautiful back!
– AH Oakland