Results oriented. 

Susan Dressler, Bay Area born and raised moved to Oakland nearly two decades ago. This is where she feels the most at home, rich in diversity Susan feels grateful to live in such a melting pot of cultures.  No where in the world will you find such a peaceful co-mingling of so much cultural beauty.

Susan prides the fact that she was trained clinically in ethnic skin for the first decade of her career.  When a location became available in Alameda Susan began her own practice there.  Her business NoFu located inside Spank Salon was a perfect match, seven years in the making Susan now has quite a cult following.  You see she believes there are two types of skincare…the fu fu type where the esthetician just massages smelly stuff round and round in circles and nofu which is what she practices.  NoFu means she does not do all of the fufu stuff, trained clinically, she is result oriented.

Specializing in acne, hyper-pigmentation and anti-aging Susan likes to educate her clients with a detailed one time consultation.  The consultation is for one with skin issues, so you may be asked to bring your homecare products with you.  This is just one of the detailed ways Susan likes to customize your experience.  Of course not everyone has this type of skin, for those with normal skin that are just looking for a cleaning a consultation is not necessary and the fee will be waived (just mention this on the phone when you book).  The studio prides itself on giving each client an arsenal  of information whether diet or product related…she is like the skin FBI.  Many are shocked when she is able to pin point such a minute detail that throws off the whole balance of the skin.

This sixth sense in conjunction with Susan’s healing personality makes for a pleasurable experience.  She also prides herself with offering the top clinical skincare products on the market.  You will not find products with this kind of efficiency over the counter and won’t believe the changes that can occur in the skin when you use a professional product on the skin every night. 

Last but not least Susan wants to expel any fears or questions about men and skin care.  NoFu currently has a 40% male clientele, which comes from doing prominent sports figures skin in Oakland.  She now does the same thing in Alameda, men do not want to get there skin done in a Fu Fu environment.  NoFu is the place! It is comical every female client always sends her husband/boyfriend in after their experience. After all men have pores too!



Tuesday - Thursday
11am -7pm
9am - 5pm
9am - 5pm


I always come back.

"Susan is more than an esthetician; she’s a miracle-worker! Before I found NoFu, I suffered from severe adult acne and the resulting acne scars. Since I have been coming to her, my skin has not only cleared up, but is also brighter, tighter, and smoother than it has ever been!"

Christina P.

This is going to be your last stop.

“It’s been a year since I started my treatments with Susan and I’ve never been happier with my face. I remember crying a month after I saw her because I saw such improvement with my face. Words cannot express what Susan has done for me..”

R. Ronquillo

She has never been into the gimmicks.

“ Susan is the rarest type of esthetician: she’s results-driven, but at the same time extremely sensitive towards using and promoting only products that meet or exceed her own very high set of personal values.”